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June 13 9:00AM EST
MWMW has been the target of a 'dictionary' virus attack. A dictionary attack
involves sending mail (in this case a virus) to,,, etc. If your account name is your first name, mail to may be delivered to
The emails I've flagged appear to originate from addresses like admin, info,
or register @ The emails contain an attachment, almost certainly a
Those addresses are not used for communication with customers.
Moreover, will **never** mail you an attachment in connection with
your hosting account without prior notice. If it's necessary to send an email
attachment to a customer, it will be confirmed before the attachment is sent.

April 1 5:30AM EST
MWMW East is online and functioning normally
MWMW West is online and functioning normally.
The move has been completed successfully and MWMW West is live in the new datacenter.
Domain names hosted on the server should resolve in the new few hours as the IP changes propagate.

March 31 11:30PM EST
MWMW East is online and functioning normally
MWMW West will be taken offline promptly at 1:30AM EST on 1 April.
(Time has been moved up 1 hour.)
Service on MWMW West will be intermittent for the next several hours as nameservers are moved.

March 28 6:30PM EST
MWMW West ( will move to a new datacenter on Friday, April 1st.
The server will be taken offline at approximately 2:30AM EST on 1 April.
The server is scheduled to be reconnected no later than 5:00AM EST.
Necessary configuration changes are expected to be complete and full service restored no later than 6:30AM on 1 April.

March 21 15:17AM EST
MWMW West ( experienced an outtage on Sunday March 20 from approximately 5:30pm through 10pm EST. The outtage was the result of a cooling system fault in the server farm. The cooling system has been repaired and normal service has been restored.

February 23 2005 12:30pm EST
MWMW West ( experienced a web services outtage for approximately 6 minutes.
Mail delivery and other services were not interrupted. is online and functioning normally. is online and fuctioning normally.

November 18 2004 9:00am EST
MWMW East ( experienced a connectivity outtage yesterday from approximately 1:30pm EST through 7:15pm EST, due to a damaged fiber optic cable.
Files were not affected, but sites were unavailable during that time frame.

emergency contact:

if is experiencing problems, use this link to notify me.